Music Therapy

Music therapy is a very powerful tool among not only psychological and mental health professionals but also among physical medicine professionals. Studies have shown that music therapy has a significant, positive influence when used to treat autistic individuals from a trained and experienced musical therapist. Musical therapy has helped and improved autistic individuals’ social skills, language comprehension, desire to communicate, self-expression, and has also reduced their echolalia non-communicative speech.

More recently, music therapy has begun to be incorporated into the treatment of ADHD, eating disorders, and depression with benefits exhibited to both genders and across various age groups. In the case of children with ADHD, music therapy provides a calming effect with which can increase their focus and attention. With proper treatment, kids with ADHD can learn to successfully live with and manage their symptoms. Engaging children with ADHD in the playing of instruments will often encourage concentration with an immediate reward for the ADHD child.

Our music therapists use music to meet the psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of patients and their families.Each session of music therapy is carefully planned, carried out, and evaluated to suit the specific needs of each patient.

For further information on our music therapy, please contact us at or (714)730-1766.

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