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    School Policy

    1. Fees
      1. Registration Fee
        1. A non-refundable one-time registration fee of $35.00 is due with school application.
      2. Tuition
        1. Tuition is due by the 1st lesson of each month. Tuition is non-refundable. All bounced checks are subject to a fee of $15.00. For students who wish to pay weekly, a surcharge of $3 will be applied to each lesson.
      3. Late Charge
        1. A late charge fee of $20.00 will be added to any tuition payments not received by the 10th of each month.
      4. Dropouts
        1. Prior to dropping out, we must receive 14 days notice, otherwise, the student will be help responsible for the following month’s tuition.
    2. Attendance
      1. Lessons
        1. There will be 4 lessons in a month. Any month with 5 lessons will be charge a pro-rated price for the additional lesson. Any anticipated missed lessons must be made aware to front desk at beginning of month when tuition is paid.
      2. Absentees
        1. No refunds for any missed lessons (excluding 2 times for sickness in a 6 month period).
        2. 24 hours-advanced notice of absence is required in order for you to receive make-up lessons.
      3. Make-Ups
        1. Make-up lessons for notified cancellations must be held before next billing cycle. If cancelled last week of the month, student will be allowed 1 extra week to schedule make-up.
        2. If make-up lesson is not take before next billing cycle, that lesson credit will become void.
    3. Other
      1. Tustin Music Center reserves the right to reschedule, regroup, discontinue classes, or reassign teachers as deemed necessary.
      2. Tustin Music Center is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings.


    We'll be happy to answer any Pre-Application questions
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