Trumpet Lessons

“Trumpet-the most brilliant and spectacular of all musical instruments.” The trumpet is a popular instrument, especially in marching bands, military bands, jazz ensembles and larger orchestras. The most famous trumpet players have all been tied to jazz music. However, the instrument has found its way into all fields of music.

The trumpet is loud and beautiful. You blow the trumpet though a cup mouth-piece and you produce the sound with your lips. All brass instruments are physically demanding. Playing the trumpet can and should be a passion. Is the trumpet hard to learn? If you love the sound it makes, and if you really want to learn how to play trumpet- does it mater how hard other people say it is? You might be pleasantly surprised to find it less difficult to start with than you had imagined.

Register online or call today for help and to reserve a time slot that will work best for you and your family!

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