Rock Band Summer Camp 2018

Rock Band Summer Camp 2018

We would love join us on this event!


Field Trip to Taylor Guitar Factory! Saturday Performance!

Special Award – TMC is selected as the best music store in Orange County area by the Orange County Supervisor.

“Thank you for your support. Tustin Music Center is selected as the best music store in Orange County area
by the Orange County Supervisor.”

“Your support enabled us to receive Mayor’s award of Tustin for this year as well as Congressionary Award
for outstanding business.”

Your Success Is Our Goal!
The Tusin Music Center is an educational facility that offers the best music lessons in the greater Tustin area and is directed by a highly recognized music professor, Dr. Charles Kim. We offer private and group music lessons for adults, teens, kids, and young children starting from 18 months of age. Our programs offer music lessons, classes, group activity, and special program from all orchestra instruments to woodwind, brass, and band instruments as well as Music Explorers, Disneyland Musicals, and Harmony Road.
Tustin Music Center, established in 1998, focuses on music education with the mission in mind “your success is our goal.”  We strive to make best music education for your children which can enhance life-skills such as discipline, communication, evaluation, and performance, as well as creating their safe places inside and out.
We try to teach not only musical skills but also life skills through practice and discipline. Identifying boundary and prioritizing balance in musical training is imperative and emphasized in underlying values for our education that will result to eventual blessings for our students. The atmosphere of our facility is geared to bring forth such a sense of learning and safe ambiance that will accelerate and motivate our students to take the challenge for a higher performance. Practicing in a music studio helps the students to practice more efficiently versus taking home lessons alone or in some retail setting placed in a corner.
Why Choose Us Over another music school or in-home lessons?
Since you have found this page, you are likely considering music lessons for yourself or your child. You probably already know that the benefits of music education in a child’s education have well been established in their link to higher math scores and critical thinking. We believe we offer the best music education in the greater Tustin area. Read how Tustin Music Center is different from other music schools in local areas.
Get the most out of Music lessons. In order to get the most out of the benefits studying music, choosing the right programs and teacher is key. Learn more about the 8 top things that can help to get the best out of music lessons.
Beginner? Haven’t picked up an instrument for years?
You are not alone. Learn about the 7 top things that can help to get the best out of music lessons.
Shall I buy or Rent?
4 reasons to consider renting first before purchasing


Easy to find this location. See you there!


Tustin Music Center Inc.
13721 Newport Ave. #9 Tustin,
CA 92780


Kyle Eckermann
Tustin Music Center


Store Hours.
Monday – Friday :
11:00 A.M.- 8:00 P.M.
Saturday :
9:00 A.M.- 3:00 P.M.

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