Harp Classes

When was the first time you saw or heard the harp? On a CD? At a wedding? A Reception? A Concert? Maybe on TV?

A lot of people feel almost a spiritual uplifting whenever they hear a harp; like the song of heaven had come to take away sorrow and fill our hearts with warmth and love. Music touches people right to their very souls, and harp music in particular speaks to us in ways nothing else can.

The harp is an instrument with many unique qualities. The most outstanding is the ability of the harp to produce a mellow, resonant tone. It is a very forgiving instrument for beginners because of the beautiful sound of the harp. “I had always wanted to play the harp” is a sentence we hear quite often. One should follow his or her dream. If it is something you’ve always wanted to do, DO IT!

Playing the harp is quite rewarding. It’s good for your body, mind and soul. If you’ve had a strong desire to take up harp for your personal enjoyment- even if you don’t pursue it professionally- you can do it now in our music store. If you love the sound of the harp, you’ll love to play it.

Contrary to popular belief, the harp is not a particularly expensive instrument and is not too difficult to learn. Small folk/ lever harps are a great place to begin! In our music store, you can start learning to play the harp right away without even owning a harp. Many harp students have started on a small rented harp. Until you are sure you or you child wants to pursue the instrument seriously, renting is usually the best option.

In our experience, kids just love the harp even if it may not be the main instrument they want to put all their focus on. Technique is taught little by little. Due to physical considerations, harp players do not use the 5th (little) finger, as it is too weak to produce a reliable tone. Students will take 30 minutes to one-hour private lessons each week and have the opportunity to participate in ensemble playing.

Like piano, the harp can be played solo, and also can be great accompaniment for many other instruments. Although previous piano training would be a big help to pick up the harp more quickly since both piano and harp music notation are very similar, no previous musical training is necessary for older children or adults to start learning the harp. No exceptional talent is needed, either.

We are very pleased to say that the rarity of harp literature is no longer an issue for people who’ve always wanted to play the harp in our area. Don’t wait another day! If you’ve always dreamt of playing the harp, contact us!!! Register online now or call today to reserve a time slot that will work best for you and your family!

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